Friday, December 30, 2011

Just in time!

Several years ago, my dear soul friend, Wuffy made me a set of runes. He made them, and then we just never got around to getting them shipped. It became a running joke.

Five years later, I get word from the Old Man "Get those Runes. NOW."

Wasn't sure if they were going to get here before New Year's, but thankfully, they arrived today, freshly coated in hazelnut oil, along with a leather pouch that Wuffy made as well.

My first ever rune set. Hand-carved by my soul friend, from a lightning-struck birch, in Germany.
I love them soooooo muchly!

The Old Man Approves

"...Took long enough."

[New Year, New You]

Welcome to Pioneer Valley Witch. This is a re-make of my old Blog, Fantastical Foxy, which... kinda fizzled out. There was too much personal drama and darkness in that blog, so in honor of the New Year, New You project, created by Mrs Oddly at Charmed I'm Sure, I've created a new blog to chronicle my occult exploits.

Here will be pictures of various altars, snippets of revelations, words of varying levels of wisdom, and anything else I happen to pick up. My challenge to myself is to post something everyday, even if it's just a picture of my familiar, Achilles, being her own cute kitty self (another New Year, New You project: Play with the cat). So stick around, open your mind, and prepare yourself for the slightly unorthodox methods of the Pioneer Valley Witch.