Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shun Cooks


Shun Cooks, a set on Flickr.

My friend Shun is a chef, and whenever he comes to visit, he invariably whips up something at 3am.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Notes to Myself - On Lust Spells


After 2 years in hell, I"m taking a break from relationships. Having fun and playing around, yes. Settling into a meaningful, heart-felt relationship, HELL NO.

No more love spells, since those are emotional and complex and good gods, i don't need that. LUST spells, however, are fun, flirty, and no one gets hurt.

3 players.

P1 - The Irish Wolfhound : Local, been interested for years, most progress made, most comfortable around. (Cons - Stuck in a Man Trap, in process of breaking free. Availability scarce.)

P2 - The Guard Dog : Recent, still hesitant but speedy progress being made. (Con - First official date on hold for @ least 3 wks, no vehicle till then. New job, pay delayed.)

P3 - The Alpha Wolf : Long distance, online. (Con - Chance for RL meet up slim.)

Strange how they're all canine...

Friday, January 13, 2012

OLD POST: Elemental Pop Culture Altar

**I"m currently battling a wicked sinus infection (Thank you, Shun...), so to keep things from fizzling out here early, I'm re-posting an older entry from Fantastical Foxy  **

When I first started researching and learning about paganism and magic, I first stuck with just the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether (Soul). I wanted nothing to do with gods, or spirits, just the parts of the natural world that I could easily see, feel, taste, and smell. Those things were what made magic REAL to me, since they were made up of things I already knew without a doubt existed.

As I was reading the correspondences, the thought occurred to me 'Hey, the mask colors of the TMNT match up with the different elements... and the personalities of each corresponds with the same. I know how I can make an incognito altar!" And so i set my action figures up on my dresser (my first altar) and my parents never were the wiser.

I still keep the Guys on the main altar as Guardians of the Directions/Elements, but since I now have the space, freedom, and ability to do so, I decided to make them their own Elemental Shrine.

 In the Eastern Corner, accompanied by a little ceramic cat (Klunk), and a red-headed fairy (gift from Mom, reminded her of me when I was little), Incense matches and Night Blossom perfume, is Michaelangelo.
In the Northern Corner, flanked by my Dragon Tarot deck, a ceramic fox I made in college, and a river stone, is Donatello.

Raphael watches over the Southern Corner, along with a turtle votive holder, and spare lighter.
Leonardo is a bit lonely int he Western Corner, with only a ceramic sea turtle for company, but that's only until I get some more Water-themed items. I have a silver chalice, but don't know where it went to...

In the center, holding a spot for Splinter until I can track him down, is another Mikey (from the short-lived and badly done live-action series). Beside him are solid sandalwood perfume, and frankincense and myrrh.

Also on the altar are my collection of stones and gems, at least all the ones not currently in use on the Main Altar. They're encircling and holding in a Spell in Progress.
House protection candle, purple glass buoy float (cushioned in a Mikey wristband), and my lucky silver 1946 quarter, "6 Lucky Wishes" bracelet (too fragile to wear), paw print flashy button (idk why it's there, it just felt right), 'gum drop' TMNT figures, my Green Man anklet that finally broke, and Snakey Stone.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

There's a NAME for what I do??

And here i thought I was the only one to use cartoon characters as stand-ins for the gods!

I just ordered two books on Pop Culture Magick . For the last 10 years, I've felt ashamed and frightened because of how I worshiped my gods and spirits. I made the mistake of telling my occult friends in school about my using the TMNT as representations of the elements. I was ridiculed, harassed, BULLIED, THREATENED by these sickos!  After that, I kept my mouth shut and was pretty much terrified to even go to school for a while. And this wasn't high school, this was college, Freshman year. Fun times.

BUT! Now I know I'm not the only one who has turned modern mythical figures into working occult symbols! I FEEL VALIDATED! I'M NOT (totally) CRAZY!

Seriously, I'm super fucking THRILLED by this! I haven't felt this exalted since I first learned what the words "Furry Art" meant, and learned that I wasn't the only person who drew animals instead of people.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[New Year, New You] Stepping Out of the Hermit Cave

For most of my occult life, I've been a solo practitioner. I didn't trust anyone else to tell me things, preferring to read books and blogs and websites and anything I could get my little witchy paws on, and then figure out for myself what's legit and what's bullshit. I 'talk shop' with a few of my closest friends (K-san and Wuffy) and have even done spells for and with them. But I've never really talked to someone outside of my little contact group. You never know when you'll find a True Believer, or a kook.

Over the last year, I've been feeling isolated and more hermit-like than ever, in regards to my pagan studies and practices. I've felt the need to learn from living sources, asking questions that can be answered right away instead of hunting for info in books. That meant going out and socializing. Sadly, my work schedule keeps me from loitering around the few pagan shops in the area all day. Although more and more pagan/ witchy people have come by the Shop, and even my other job, I haven't been able to figure out how to meet more of these strange, yet generally nice people.

Then i get an email about A Feast of Lights celebration in February. Pre-reg deadline is Jan 15th, the event is the first weekend in February, and on Saturday night there's The Stag King's Masque.

I hemmed and hawed and did some math, then I bounced my thoughts off of my friend, Althea, and all signs pointed to "If you can be careful with your money, pre-reg now, pay by the deadline, and go have fun."

So now I must pack my hermit's cloak up into my bag, put the candle away, and begin cleaning myself up and making myself ready to enter Pagan-society again. My BS meter will be on HI Alert, but I'm hoping that I will be able to warm up quickly to these quirky creatures.

Who knows, maybe I'll find a new teacher.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

[New Year, New You] NYE Candle 'Divination'

Just got home from first official NYE party. No hangover, and I'm stone sober. I'm doing SOMETHING right! Second year in a row I get nicely shit-faced and suffer not a bit the next day.

Last night, when I left for the party, I left a few candles burning in the bathtub (I have a cat, 'nuff said) to welcome in the New Year. St Michael, St Jude, and St Joseph, since I need all the protection, job stability, and hope for lost causes as I can get.

Came home, pet the cat, check on the candles.


Hmmm... I guess I"m protected enough, and job security won't be an issue this year, and I'm not the hopeless cause I thought I was. Although the black smudge and slightly singed paper on the St Jude candle keeps me wary, I'm choosing to interpret that as a good omen.