Sunday, January 29, 2012

Notes to Myself - On Lust Spells


After 2 years in hell, I"m taking a break from relationships. Having fun and playing around, yes. Settling into a meaningful, heart-felt relationship, HELL NO.

No more love spells, since those are emotional and complex and good gods, i don't need that. LUST spells, however, are fun, flirty, and no one gets hurt.

3 players.

P1 - The Irish Wolfhound : Local, been interested for years, most progress made, most comfortable around. (Cons - Stuck in a Man Trap, in process of breaking free. Availability scarce.)

P2 - The Guard Dog : Recent, still hesitant but speedy progress being made. (Con - First official date on hold for @ least 3 wks, no vehicle till then. New job, pay delayed.)

P3 - The Alpha Wolf : Long distance, online. (Con - Chance for RL meet up slim.)

Strange how they're all canine...

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