Friday, January 13, 2012

OLD POST: Elemental Pop Culture Altar

**I"m currently battling a wicked sinus infection (Thank you, Shun...), so to keep things from fizzling out here early, I'm re-posting an older entry from Fantastical Foxy  **

When I first started researching and learning about paganism and magic, I first stuck with just the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether (Soul). I wanted nothing to do with gods, or spirits, just the parts of the natural world that I could easily see, feel, taste, and smell. Those things were what made magic REAL to me, since they were made up of things I already knew without a doubt existed.

As I was reading the correspondences, the thought occurred to me 'Hey, the mask colors of the TMNT match up with the different elements... and the personalities of each corresponds with the same. I know how I can make an incognito altar!" And so i set my action figures up on my dresser (my first altar) and my parents never were the wiser.

I still keep the Guys on the main altar as Guardians of the Directions/Elements, but since I now have the space, freedom, and ability to do so, I decided to make them their own Elemental Shrine.

 In the Eastern Corner, accompanied by a little ceramic cat (Klunk), and a red-headed fairy (gift from Mom, reminded her of me when I was little), Incense matches and Night Blossom perfume, is Michaelangelo.
In the Northern Corner, flanked by my Dragon Tarot deck, a ceramic fox I made in college, and a river stone, is Donatello.

Raphael watches over the Southern Corner, along with a turtle votive holder, and spare lighter.
Leonardo is a bit lonely int he Western Corner, with only a ceramic sea turtle for company, but that's only until I get some more Water-themed items. I have a silver chalice, but don't know where it went to...

In the center, holding a spot for Splinter until I can track him down, is another Mikey (from the short-lived and badly done live-action series). Beside him are solid sandalwood perfume, and frankincense and myrrh.

Also on the altar are my collection of stones and gems, at least all the ones not currently in use on the Main Altar. They're encircling and holding in a Spell in Progress.
House protection candle, purple glass buoy float (cushioned in a Mikey wristband), and my lucky silver 1946 quarter, "6 Lucky Wishes" bracelet (too fragile to wear), paw print flashy button (idk why it's there, it just felt right), 'gum drop' TMNT figures, my Green Man anklet that finally broke, and Snakey Stone.

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