Monday, February 13, 2012

The Guard Dog Proves His Title

I had a creeper show up at work tonight. He made me wicked uneasy while I was trying to work, following me with this predatory look in his eyes, and M, my co-worker, didn't like him hanging around either, but was unable to kick him out. So I text the Guard Dog and he offers to come up and keep an eye on things.
Creeper finally leaves, saying he'll be back later. M sticks around until her shift ends and then heads home. I send word to GD that I'm now alone and he can come up if he wants to, I'll reimburse him the gas if it's a bust.
30 minutes later, GD walks in.
Less than 5 minutes later, Creeper arrives. He stakes out a table in the corner while I'm putting away stock and talking to GD. With GD there, things are VERY different. Before, I got the distinct feeling that Creeper was trying to undress me by sheer force of mental will. Now, it was like he wasn't even there, cowering in the corner until I had to kick him out for closing time.
GD stuck around and drove me home, just in case Creeper was sitting outside.

The Guard Dog truly lives up to his title.

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