Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Night Out With the Guard Dog

Had a little surprise outing with the Guard Dog today.

I had to bring Shun home after he spent the weekend on my couch again. I had planned to roam the mall that evening after dropping him off, but then decided to see if GD could join me for company.

GD and I wander and talk and flirt and stuff, normal. I bring him home, we smooch in the driveway for a while, talk, smooch, etc..

Talk turned to GD's ghost hunting and paranormal things. Told me about the ghosts in his house and how his brother had seen things.  I felt for the energies and got strong impressions. Described things to GD who nodded and said that's how his brother described the ghost. Creeped us both out.

All thru the evening, GD and I had heard music in stores and started signing along of our own accord. It was uncanny. Hears several songs on my playlist that I had been listening too the month before we first met. All music he already liked. Again, odd.

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